Ulrich Schmidt



Ulrich Schmidt has been a Graduate Student at the Philosophy Department of the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA, in 2002-2003. He has earned a M.A. in Philosophy at the Munich School of Philosophy in 2004 and a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Information Economics at the University of Augsburg in 2009.


  • Logic: Propositional Logic, Modal Logic;
  • Epistemology: the Analysis of Knowledge, Gettier Cases, Reliabilist Theories of Knowledge;
  • Philosophy of Language: Theories of Reference (Jerry Fodor), Theories of Reference of Proper Names (Saul Kripke, John Searle);
  • Philosophy of Mind: Theories of Perception (Michael Huemer, Frank Jackson, Howard Robinson, John Searle), Theories of Consciousness (David Chalmers, Jerry Fodor, John Foster, Frank Jackson, Uriah Kriegel, J.P. Moreland), Theories of Intentionality (Laird Addis, Pierre Jakob, Uriah Kriegel, William Lyons), Mental Causation (Fred Dretske, Jaegwon Kim), Frank Jackson's Knowledge Argument, John Searle's Chinese Room Argument, David Chalmers's Hard Problem of Consciousness;
  • Metaphysics: Dispositional Essentialism (Alexander Bird);
  • Philosophy of God: the Argument from Consciousness (J.P. Moreland), the Biological Design Argument (Michael Behe, Alvin Plantinga), the Fine-Tuning Argument (Robin Collins, Rodney Holder, Alvin Plantinga), the Ontological Argument, the Nature of God (Michael Almeida, Alvin Plantinga), Molinism (Thomas Flint);


Review Essays

  • An Examination of Michael J. Almeida's 'The Metaphysics of Perfect Beings', in: Philo, Vol. 15, Nr. 1 (2012). see online
  • An Examination of C. Stephen Evans's 'Natural Signs and Knowledge of God. A New Look at Theistic Arguments', in: Philosophy and Theology, March 21, 2014. see online

Book Reviews

  • Review of Alvin Plantinga: 'Where the Conflict Really Lies. Science, Religion, and Naturalism', in: Metaphysica, Vol. 13, Nr. 2 (2012) 229-236. see online
  • Review of J.P. Moreland: 'Consciousness and the Existence of God. A Theistic Argument', in: Faith and Philosophy, Vol. 30, Nr. 1 (2013). see online
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